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Small businesses owners are often wearing so many hats that they don’t have enough time to take on big, strategic thinking.  In the current climate we have seen some incredible transformations done either on-the-go or through a complete pivot.

In this edition of the Business Brighspot blog, we’re covering two South African SMEs that are all about ”the strategy’‘ to see how they have reacted to the changes.  They both offer strategic support to business leaders and have, like most businesses, had to pivot over the last few months.

Yolanda Sing, Chloe Consultant

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Yolanda is a professional coach who inspires people to connect with the latent leadership qualities within themselves.  Her technique involves working with horses.  This approach acts as a catalyst that allows people to learn in the moment and at an emotional level.  The skills they learn through working with horses translate into exceptional results in both boardrooms and families alike.  See testimonials here.

How has your business changed during COVID-19?

CHLOE Consultant had to adapt and a Virtual Equine Program was developed.

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Yolanda Sing

Graham McLeod,

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We help organisations to; Achieve strategic business change, transform digitally
and derive more value from Information Technology investment

How has your business changed during COVID-19?

We have developed a Unique COVID readiness model to share.

We are operating remotely for both consulting and training. This has proven both very productive and cost effective. We can use geographically distributed assets to apply to client needs without travel delays, logistics issues and costs.

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Graham McLeod

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The Business Brightspot blog is part of our Open for Business campaign. This is an initiative to give South African SMEs the tools and information they need to re-open their businesses during COVID-19.

For on the campaign, read this blog post.

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