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The high five is on hiatus. But we’d never leave you hanging! We’re your friends in funding, and we’re still here to support you if you need it. 

Even though we can’t give out high five’s right now, we still aim to create those high five moments for our customers. That means checking in, making sure you get friendly, fast service and keeping your funding needs our number one priority. 

This is the part where we’d normally high five… but instead we’ve got some other ideas. 

Here are some ways to stay connected to your community – hands free!

The ‘hip-howzit’ 

When you’re a small business, building relationships with your customers is really important. Our own Lula staffers can sometimes tell who they are talking to on the phone without you even mentioning your name. We’re close – some might say joined at the hip. Use the ‘hip howzit’ to say hi, with no hands. 

The ‘work it wave’

Business is all about riding the downs and celebrating the ups. Before you reach for that high five after signing your next big order, or taking on a new exciting client: Stop, collaborate and… do the ‘work it wave’ to keep up morale and cheer on your team mates. 

The ‘1.5 meter maker’

Being a business owner takes guts, and an appetite for risk. But it’s important to keep that risk as calculated as possible and to be guided by the information and data at hand. Use the ‘1.5 meter maker’ to ensure you don’t encounter unnecessary risk and that you stick to recommended health guidelines. We’re risk conscious too and proud to call ourselves responsible lenders. You can read more about that here

The ‘elbow bump’

We reckon the elbow bump is an anytime, anywhere handy (but not so handy) trick. With the handshake and the high five on hold, this is a good way to greet – even our president thinks so! It’s something you can use anytime, when you need it. Kind of like our credit facility, which gives you access to funds, whenever you need them. Just like that.  

The ‘namastay calm’

Yes, things are a little crazy. Yes, there is probably cause for panic. But we’re hopeless silver lining seekers. This is a time for South Africans to come together and really support our small business community. Give your local coffee shop, butcher, florist or accountant a shout out on social media or a review. Let’s support our community of business owners in any way we can. Let’s stock up on all the essentials we need from the shop on the corner. Keep calm, keep positive and keep supporting SMEs. 

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