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Here at Lulalend, our proudly South African team are excited to celebrate Heritage Day on 24 September 2014.

Heritage Day is about celebrating the many different cultures that make up South Africa and our rich diverse history. It is recognised as a national public holiday and many South Africans take advantage of the free entry offered at some of the country’s top museums and cultural attractions.

We love hearing our customer’s feel-good stories, so in honour of Heritage Day, we decided to share some of our own. We asked the Lulalend team what makes them proud to be South African.

I’m proud of being South African because of how friendly South Africans are.
Chantelle Honiball, Credit Team

Why I like South Africa is that this country is never boring.
Heidi Also, Business Funding Specialist

I love South Africa because of the lovely weather and beautiful nature.
Karel Verhoeven, Data Scientist

Being able to watch any sport with people from diverse backgrounds and having the common feeling of feeling proud to support my country.
Ross Caley, Credit Team

What makes me feel lucky and proud to live here is the warmth of the people, their enthusiasm for life and the willingness to take any challenge head-on and create a better future… and the fact that is can have a braai with real wood (not charcoal briquettes!)
Tom Stuart, Head of Marketing

I’m proudly South African when I see everyone getting behind the Boks!
David Winter, Business Development

Waking up every day and seeing my beautiful city, whether I go to work or take a drive up the mountain, or go to the beach, or hike, there is beauty everywhere! – that makes me proudly South African.
Taryn Crouster, Business Funding Specialist

I’m proud of our amazing diverse people, our incredible food and our music!
Carly Barnes, Marketing Team

What makes you proud to be a South African? Join our Facebook and Twitter communities and leave us a comment.

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